• St Kizito Clinic applauds Chevron Nigeria Limited’s support for the fight against Tuberculosis, Press Release, 17 December 2019, Click here to open

  • Hon Laura Boldrini, Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies, visits Loving Gaze in Lagos Click here to open

  • Loving Gaze thanks the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) for the generous donation of the GeneXpert test device platform to St Kizito Clinic, in Lekki. Click here to open

  • Loving Gaze celebrates Christmas festivities with Vodacom_Press Release 21 December 2016_Click here to open
  • Loving Gaze_SS. Peter & Paul School celebrates the End of the Year bringing on stage Ulysses’ adventures, Press Release 23 June 2016_Click here to open
  • Loving Gaze_St Kizito Clinic opens the Maternity Home with SNEPCo support_Press Release, 8 March 2016_Click here to open
  • What is essential can be seen only with an open heart, End of the School Year Celebration at SS. Peter & Paul School, 15 July 2015_Click here to open
  • St Kizito Clinic inaugurates Dental Unit, thanks to NNPC/SNEPCo continuous support to the Clinic’s Health Care Initiatives, 11th September 2014_Click here to open
  • St Kizito Clinic: Saving lives, one blood sample at a time. From 10,000 to 60,000, thanks to the Total Foundation, 15 June 2014_Click here to open
  • Loving Gaze celebrates Children Day, Thanks to Ferrero’s support
    28 May 2014_Click here to open
  • Loving Gaze Press Release: X-ray machine donated by Chevron
    27 February 2014_Click here to open
  • Loving Gaze Press Release: Kids Free Eye exam on Italian Etna aircraft carrier, 10 March 2014_Click here to open
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