Education is every child’s right.
It is their right to grow to their full potential, and set the foundations for our future.

In Nigeria 40% of children miss out on school to go and work.  Loving Gaze runs 3 schools:

  • S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School, in Ikate Elegushi, with 430 children. Enrollment fee is as low as possible but 60% of our students still need a support to continue their education.


  • St. John School Nursery & Primary School, in Ikorodu, with 370 children. All our students in St. John School need a sponsor to continue their education. Our students, from a fishing village at the outskirt of Lagos, are from 3 to 12 years old. They live the daily challenges of a suburban area: poverty, a lack of basic infrastructures, and endemic diseases are a daily familiar routine.







Kona Nursery, Afternoon and Primary School.  Kona is small rural village in Taraba State,Northern Nigeria. Sister Caterina arrived in Kona, a village of 4,000 people, in 1985 and opened the first nursery school in 2006. The Afternoon School and, more recently, the Primary School, came naturally, when the children enrolled in the Nursery grew up. The school now enrolls 280 children and it is open to kids from any religious and ethnic. It also welcomes several children from surrounding villages lacking any education infrastructure. 

We care. Do you?

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