Loving Gaze is an independent not-for-profit organization, with 30 years of experience in Nigeria.

We serve the unprivileged community in Lagos and Taraba State, through educational activities, basic health care service, women empowerment and vocational training.
Run by a multi-cultural team of 150 Nigerian professionals, Italian expatriates and international volunteers.

90% of our financial sources come from private donors and 85% is invested directly on projects development and local staff salaries.

Watch our institutional video Sowing Seeds of Joy and discover Loving Gaze world.

Director: Thomas Tassara

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we care do u

We recognize and respect each individual life and dignity without gender, religious or ethnic boundaries. We believe there is a desire for joy, hope and positive change in each of us. Our purpose is to serve with care, joy and professionalism people in need, to ignite hope and seeds for growth.

We believe in a world where people share the power of a Loving Gaze.

A fundamental factor of Jesus’ outlook is the existence in man of a reality superior to any other reality subject to time and space.
The whole world is not worthy as the most insignificant human person. Nothing in the entire universe can compare with a person, from the first instant of his conception until the last step of his decrepit old age. Every man posses within himself a principle by which he depends on no one, a foundation of inalienable rights, a fount of values.
The problem of the whole world’s existence is the happiness of each single person.

Giussani L., At the Origin of the Christian Claim, Chapter 8

Visit us: St Kizito Clinic Jakande Housing Estate Ilasan, off Lekki-Epe Expressway Lagos.

Email us: info@lovingaze.org

Photo Credits Christopher He’ry, Gianmaria Soglia, © Margherita Trestini
Brand Identity Design Rina Wood

We care. Do you?

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