Loving Gaze is very grateful to all its supporters from all over the world. They keep surprising us with their love and creativity.

We are pleased to recognize Mariachiara and Pietro, two Italian friends who recently celebrated their wedding and manifested their love in an original amazing way.

Mariachiara is the dear niece of Dr Alda and a great fan of Loving Gaze. In the past, she had the opportunity to appreciate the manufactures done by tailors of the women empowerment project of Loving Gaze. Out of this, she asked our women to sew 150 aprons for her to be offered as souvenir presents for her friends and guests at the wedding party.

Our tailors quickly created multicolour beautiful aprons made of African fabric and sent them to Italy.

Mariachiara together with her friends nicely packaged each apron with coloured ribbons adding sweets and a greeting card with Loving Gaze info. At the wedding, the brochure of Loving Gaze and pictures of the tailors were displayed on a board to introduce Loving Gaze activities to the guests.

The wedding invitees were very curious to know where the nice gift was coming from and had the opportunity to come to know about Loving Gaze.

Mariachiara and Pietro enjoyed a lot the collaboration with Loving Gaze and donated to our Nutrition Centre. The gesture was a special celebration of their marriage, showing love so great that want to embrace the whole world.

We sincerely would like to recognize their great initiative and appreciate the special love and support they offer to Loving Gaze

A special gift
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