To overcome the deadliest disease from a single infectious agent in Nigeria,  Loving Gaze plunges ahead to strengthen private sector contribution to tuberculosis control by acting as the Intermediary Organization for TUBERCULOSIS- PUBLIC PRIVATE MIX (TB-PPM) IN LAGOS STATE through USAID IHVN –TBLON3 project,   resulting in over 415 active treatment sites for drug-susceptible TB and 1 for MDRTB treatment. Over 1000 private facilities comprising hospitals, community pharmacists, standalone labs private medicine vendors, and traditional birth attendants are supervised to find and treat TB in line with national and international guidelines.

Loving Gaze has a dedicated team made up of TB network officers who coordinate the hub and spoke arranged clusters of private health care providers across 25 private TB networks in Lagos State resulting in the treatment of  12,093 patients in the past 5 years across Lagos State, thanks to the support of our partners in SHOPS Plus TB project and most recently IHVN –TBLON3 project funded by USAID.

There is no need to wait for severe presentations or complications of Tuberculosis before we act!

In a TB-burdened country like ours all patients regardless of the purpose of the health-related visit should be screened for prolonged symptoms and if any one of the following is present TB  test using geneXpert should be carried out: fever, cough, weight loss, night sweats for 2 or more weeks.

Through the logistic team, sputum samples can be transported and tested at a  Genexpert or similar approved testing in the Lagos state to confirm the bacteriological presence of Mycobacterium so that treatment can be initiated promptly!

As the INTERMEDIARY ORGANISATION, LOVING GAZE ensures that TB cases in the private sector are properly notified to the National TB Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer Control Program through reports to the Local Government TB supervisors across the state leading to a three-fold increase in case contribution from the private sector to TB case detection in the state.

Whether in the health facilities or on the streets Loving Gaze with our partners USAID through the TB-LON3 project will strive to reach adults and children to improve case detection and treatment of all those still in need of treatment and diagnosis together we will find all and treat all- because TB IS CURABLE!

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