Nigeria is among the countries with the highest burden of Tuberculosis (TB) in the world, a disease with fatal consequences if not diagnosed and treated adequately.  In our country less than 25% of all TB cases are diagnosed, increasing the fatalities from an otherwise curable disease. Over 10% of the national burden of Tuberculosis is reported by Lagos State making it the state with the highest burden of TB in Nigeria.

In the last 30 years, St Kizito Clinic has treated more than 2,000 TB cases. As a recognized TB and HIV Centre, working in close collaboration with the Lagos Ministry of Health, St Kizito Clinic in Jakande Housing Estate is one of the comprehensive diagnostics and treatment TB DOTS center with experienced and trained health personnel and standard laboratory operating in Eti-Osa, and Lagos Island LGA.

Thanks to the generous donation of Chevron Nigeria Limited, St Kizito Clinic upgraded her analogue x–ray machine to a Digital X – Ray machine. The digital imaging bypasses the films chemical processing, provides immediate image preview and availability, it enhances the images’ quality and allows us to digitally transfer the results for consultation in real time. More than 20,000 patients will benefit from this upgrade.

Commissioning of the Digital X-ray machine at St Kizito Clinic, 17 December 2019

Dr Alda Gemmani – St Kizito Clinic Medical Director says: “We are grateful to Chevron for the relevant support provided to Loving Gaze through the years.  Among the various projects completed with us, Chevron donated the mobile X-Ray machine and the film Processor allowing us to start in 2014 the Radiology service at St Kizito Clinic. This achievement has been essential to upgrade the quality of our services, especially for a prompt diagnosis of Tuberculosis, cardio-respiratory diseases and orthopaedic pathologies. After having done so much for St Kizito Clinic, Chevron has made turned another dream in reality, upgrading our: the digital X-ray service. This new device will enable our Radiology service to lower time and space barriers and deliver a quality, dynamic, modern, faster service. A big thank you to Chevron on behalf of our patients, and on behalf of the management and staff of Loving Gaze, proud to continue the adventure to offer a better and better care to the people we serve.”

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