Loving Gaze Annual Report 2019
Fostering the Human Desire for Joy, Hope and Positive Change.

We walk through the path of life with our beneficiaries offering primary health care, education, food security, women empowerment programs, capacity building and social support. Between and 1988 and 2019 we have touched the life of over two million people.

Download Loving Gaze Annual Report 2019

Loving Gaze welcomes every single person “at home” with a loving and caring gaze. We want all our beneficiaries to feel that they are never alone, despite their health condition, their challenges and their difficulties. We recognise each person’s irreducible dignity and uniqueness, which can not be reduced to her social, economic or health condition.

Download our Annual Report 2019 to know more about the 70,000 lives we touched this year!

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