Loving Gaze, with the support of British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF), kicked off the “Maize Entreprise Value Chain” in Kona and Garrin Abba, in Taraba State. The project involves 45 farmers, belonging to two different agricultural cooperatives, for 45 hectares of land and with 1,200 indirect beneficiaries.

BATNF will support the procurement of Vitamin A biofortified maize, which guarantees 98% seeds’ growth,  while Loving Gaze works closely with the farmers to assure an effective project management and the long term impact of the initiative across the community.

LG and BATNF 30 June 2017 b

Agriculture Sustainable Project, Taraba State, realized by Loving Gaze with the support of British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF)

The project officially took off with a two-day meeting (June 29th-30th) in Kona where Barbara Pepoli, Loving Gaze General Manager and Olesegun Adewole, BATNF Program Manager met the farmers and discussed the project’s milestones ahead. Mr Habu Haruna, Senior Agronomist of Ministry of Agricolture of Taraba State conducted a technical workshop  aimed to provide the smallholder farmers the basic information regarding fertilizer use and application, best agronomic practices, farm record keeping and accounting, agricultural marketing and other relevant modules.

The project involves 45 farmers, including 8 women, belonging to the different religious and ethnic communities, who join hands to develop a sustainable and innovative agricultural project, aimed at sustaining over 1,200 indirect beneficiaries and promote a fruitful and long lasting community development.

Ms Barbara Pepoli, Loving Gaze General Manager says:” The project has three main and clear objectives: To enhance the productivity of the farmers through the introduction of production enhancing agronomic practices and technologies, to improve the income earning capacity of the farmers through better produce handling and to provide technical, farming, marketing training to the selected farmers. We know too well how important food security is for Nigerian families, both in the rural and urban environment. We are grateful to BATNF for their contribution through their skills and  financial support, to the success of this project.”

To know more, have a look at the Project’s presentation!

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