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Attend our students’ drama of Ulysses’ Adventures

When: Wednesday 22nd June

Time: 10:30 am

Where: SS Peter & Paul School, 3, Seed Road, off Kusenla Street by Ave Maria Catholic Church, Ikate – Elegushi, Lekki

Reading the Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic poem, we had the opportunity to discover Ulysses, its main character and a great example of cleverness, courage and sharpness. His story and adventures have stimulated our interest.

Last summer our teachers attended a workshop dedicated to the Odyssey, focusing on Ulysses’ adventures after the end of Troy’s war, while he was sailing back to his home island Ithaca. We decided to introduce our children to the story, encouraging them to bring it to the stage. They familiarised with Ulysses’ adventures, they learnt about this hero who tirelessly fought to overcome the obstacles he found along his journey. We were dazzles by his humanity, his talents and shortcomings.

For all of us, adults and children alike, life challenges us every day and invites us to keep moving forward, rather than remaining still, using our inner resources: cleverness, endurance and courage.

It has been extremely interesting involving the students in this story and engaging them in the drama production. We saw their enthusiasm since the beginning and we noticed how their capabilities improved along the way. This experience allowed us to introduce them to stories far away in time and space, but so universally common for the feelings, the pleasure of discovery, the risk of any adventure.

We coordinated the reading, acting and art & craft classes inviting the students to draw Ulysses’ story, build the objects, the figures and scenography for the drama, allowing their imagination to re-interpret the story through their manual skills. This allowed many children to be part of the drama set up, not only the ones acting on stage.

Ms Lucia Melchiori

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