St Kizito Clinic is working to set up its own Maternity unit 

We have been offering antenatal and postnatal clinics services for many years, realising the challenges faced by our patients and their little babies. We heard many of our pregnant patients asking us where to deliver safely but at an affordable cost. Therefore we have now embarked on a project to strengthen our maternal care through the set up of a maternity health care service to provide skilled primary peri-natal care (delivery and immediate care of the newborn), setting up a Delivery Unity and a Maternity Ward.

Our primary objectives:

  • To set up St Kizito Clinic Maternity Clinic. You can see below the floor plan of the maternity unit and the ongoing works.
  • To equip the maternity clinic
  • To update and orient professional health workers (nurse midwives, medical officers, O&G specialist, and other health care workers) on the running and provision of maternity services in St Kizito Clinic.
  • To provide maternity services for antenatal mothers attending the clinic
  • To identify and ensure speedy referral of high-risk pregnancies to appropriate referral facilities.
  • To establish protocols and standard operating procedures for the maternity based on internationally and nationally accepted guidelines. This will include birthing sterilization, referral, monitoring and evaluation processes.

We need your help to equip the Maternity Unity, with the following essential equipment:

2.      Procurement Of Essential Equipment For The Maternity

·         Obstetric Beds 2

·         Delivery bed 2

·         Postnatal beds 6 ok

·         Labor couch 2

·         Delivery Couch 1

·         Ultrasound machine

·         Phototherapy unit 1

·         Delivery Forceps Vacuum Extractor, Other Delivery Surgical Instruments

·         Blood Warmer 1

·         Suction Machine 1

·         Fetus Detector 1

·         Ultrasonic Nebulizer 1

·         Infant Radiant Warmer 1

·         Infant Weighing Scale 1

·         Oxygen set with delivery kit 1

·         Electronic Partogram 2

·         Gynecologic examination couch

·         Examination lamps

·         Autoclave


Space plan maternity unit

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