Loving Gaze thanks Chevron Nigeria Limited at the commissioning of the Chemistry Auto Analyzer Roche C111 donated to St Kizito Clinic, Lekki.

Nigeria is among the countries with the highest burden of Tuberculosis in the world, a disease with fatal consequences if not diagnosed and treated adequately. Over 10% of the national burden of Tuberculosis is reported by Lagos State making it the state with the highest burden of TB in Nigeria.

Back in 2005, concerns about the high prevalence of tuberculosis led to the decision of setting up a Tb /DOTS center by St Kizito Clinic. This effort was recognized by the Lagos state Ministry of health, which formally designated St Kizito Clinic as a TB/DOTS site operating with FMoH/NTBLCP guidelines of Nigeria.

Chevron Nigeria Limited’s (CNL) support to St Kizito Clinic started then and has continued till date – a recognition of the professional daily work of the centre, which remains the only comprehensive diagnostic and treatment TB- DOTS unit with experienced and trained health personnel and laboratory operating in Eti-Osa LGA. Since 2005, St Kizito Clinic has handled over 8,000 visits with more than 1,200 patients treated successfully of Tuberculosis.

The Blood Chemistry auto analyzer is a critical improvement to the service rendered to St Kizito Clinic TB patients, because it allows complete screening of data sets of blood cells, both qualitative and quantitative. Prevalence of other illnesses that sustain Tuberculosis is a public health emergency. Tuberculosis thrives in immune compromised patients such as those with diabetes and other chronic illnesses like HIV as well as malnutrition and in the extremes of age. Diagnosis and subsequent treatment of such illnesses is vital in TB patient care.

Barbara Pepoli – Loving Gaze General Manager – says, “We are grateful to Chevron because this equipment will strengthen diagnosis, treatment and follow up of patients with complications from TB and or TB associated diseases. St Kizito Clinic, as a DOTS facility, provides access to doctors and other medical care for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV (the commonest opportunistic infection with TB), malaria, Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.  A one stop management for parents undergoing treatment within the facility thereby limits the possibility of defaulting treatment due to multiple hospital visits in different geographical locations.”

Mr Deji Haastrup – General Manager Policy, Government and Public Affairs Chevron Nigiera – adds, “Chevron Nigeria Limited with the support of NNPC has established a track record of investing in projects and programs in the area of health, as one of the four-dimensions of the company’s strategic Social Investment (SI) focus. The other areas of SI focus are education, environment and economic development. We recognize that health is critical to these other areas as only healthy people can participate in education and in turn contribute towards economic development. As an organization we understand that health is wealth and as part of the Nigerian community, we are committed to the country development.”

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