SS. Peter & Paul and St John Schools children and teachers are already working to celebrate the 2015 Children Day on Wednesday May 27th 2015.

Children’s Day at SS Peter and Paul Nursery and Primary School and St John School is one of the exciting days at the schools. The children not only look forward to having a day-off from regular school activity, but also an opportunity to be entertained and celebrated as children. They get an opportunity to invite their parents and friends, and together as a school we come together to celebrate these young ones that have been entrusted into our care.

Several Activities are planned:

  • Games: bouncing castle, sport games, dances and recital
  • Competition: math

We will have 400 children at SS. Peter & Paul School and 300 Children at St. John School.

Help us make it a fabulous day! We are looking for sponsors and or suppliers for the drink and snacks for the children, for the bouncing castles and little prizes to reward the competitions’ winners.

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