Loving Gaze, in cooperation with the Arthur Mbanefo Digital Research Centre, invites the medical, nursing and pharmaceutical community to attend the first workshop “Medical Work and the Person” on Friday 21st November and Saturday 22nd November at the Arthur Mbanefo Digital Research Centre, UNILAG, Lagos.

The workshop aims to focus on the uniqueness of each Patient. Medical staff should be educated to see each patient as a Person, beyond the pathology. Recognizing each patient as a person with its own desires, fears and reality would allow the medical staff to approach the Person holistically: with care, acceptance and understanding. The workshop is meant to awaken in the participants the realization that the core of their work centers on the value of human life and the need to develop a caring relationship and mutual respect. Medical workers can not always cure that Patient, but they can always heal the Person.

Clinic 2014-39


  • Chief Arthur Mbanefo, Founder of A. Mbanefo Digital Research Centre
  • Dr Alda Gemmani, St Kizito Clinic Medical Director
  • Mr Mauro Giacomazzi, Director of Permanent Center for Education, Kampala, Uganda
  • Ms Rose Busingye, Director Meeting Point International, Kampala, Uganda

Entry is free strictly by invitation. Please see here the detailed agenda of the workshop
Email info@lovingaze.org for more info.

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