St Kizito Clinic inaugurates Dental Unit 
Thanks to NNPC/SNEPCo continuous support to the Clinic’s Health Care Initiatives

Oral diseases represent a major public health problem due to their high prevalence and significant impact on general health. Periodontal disease and dental caries are two major oral health problems, while others include malocclusion, traumatised anterior teeth, dental fluorosis, and oral tumours. Dental health issues are yet to receive priority attention due to competitive health demands resulting in high prevalence of the consequences of poor oral health.

The Clinic’s daily consultations revealed poor oral health and dental hygiene among both the adults and the children, especially with the most vulnerable. This not only causes pain but loss of working hours, leading to a reduced income for the family, with its antecedent sequelae. The Clinic started preventive dental services and educational programs among the patients and the students of the SS. Peter and Paul and St John Schools, managed by Loving Gaze. Still, the need of a dental unit to address the patients’ needs grew due to the lack of an assessable and affordable dental clinic in the area. Thanks to the prompt support of NNPC/SNEPCo, St Kizito Clinic inaugurates today her own Dental Unit. It will enable essential preventive and curative dental services, reducing teeth decay and loss as well as prevent dental complications that could be potentially life threatening amongst 70,000 patients and school children yearly.

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