133 Children followed in 2013, 2.458 Food Packages distributed

Loving Gaze runs 3 Nutrition Centres in Lagos, helping children with severe malnutrition and all the complications involved.
In Nigeria, 60% of the children dying under 5-year is due to malnutrition and its complications.

We welcome new born children and pupils up to 4-5 years, the most critical time frame for any children growth.

Our medical staff, in cooperation with our social workers, “adopt” the mum-child couple and follow them daily during the most critical stage and for a long time afterwards. We teach the mothers how to breast-feed them (if under 6-months) or to prepare protein rich paps, such as Tom Brown (if over 6 months). We provide free medical help such as check-up, vaccination and we refer them to public hospitals for further care if needed. We distribute food packages and we visit the families at home to better understand their environment and issues.

All this happens thanks to the daily effort of our staff and to the long-term support of “Il Germoglio Onlus”, an Italian NGO, which donates us the funds to run all the activities necessary to support the children in need.

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