Thanks to Chevron’s continuous support against Tuberculosis


Nigeria is among the countries with the highest burden of Tuberculosis in the world, a disease with fatal consequences if not diagnosed and treated adequately.  Over 10% of the national burden of Tuberculosis is reported by Lagos State making it the state with the highest burden of TB in Nigeria. Tuberculosis is

Back in 2005, thanks to St Kizito Clinic concern about the high prevalence of tuberculosis lead to the decision of setting up a  Tb /DOTS center. This effort was recognized by the Lagos state Ministry of health which formally designated St Kizito Clinic as a TB/DOTS site operating with FMoH/NTBLCP guidelines of Nigeria.

CHEVRON’s support to St Kizito Clinic started then to continue till today. A recognition of the continuous and professional daily work of the centre, which remains the only comprehensive diagnostic and treatment TB- DOTS unit with experienced and trained health personnel and laboratory operating in Eti-Osa LGA.  Since this 2005, St Kizito Clinic has carried over 8,000 visits with more than 1,200 patients treated successfully from Tuberculosis.

With sputum microscopy, pulmonary tuberculosis is accurately diagnosed; unfortunately more than 70% of cases remain undetected in Nigeria The collaboration of CHEVRON with St Kizito Clinic to provide a mobile X-Ray unit will improve considerably the diagnosis and monitoring of Tuberculosis especially among children, smear negative cases, extra pulmonary, and the immune-compromised.

Dr Alda Gemmani, St Kizito Clinic Medical Director says: “More than 300 tuberculosis cases and suspects annually will benefit from this service with better outcomes. Furthermore, the radiological investigations in the clinic will potentially improve access to comprehensive basic monitoring and investigative health care for over 65,000 particularly among vulnerable populations. This would include management of many other ailments of public health importance including cardiovascular respiratory and degenerative conditions.”

Mr Sam Otuonye – Chevron General Manager Lagos Policy, Government & Public Affairs – attended the inauguration of St Kizito Clinic X-Ray room, confirming Chevron commitment to support St Kizito Clinic daily work against Tb.

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