280 Children from Kona and the sorrounding villages attend the school

Sister Caterina Dolci arrived in 1985 in Kona, the village of 4,000 people near Jalingo in Nothern Nigeria.

In her 27 years, she has responded to the needs of the people she has met: she helped to establish the New Seed, a local non-profit organization, to open and manage a preschool and kindergarten at the request of the parents in the small village of Kona; she assists in the operation of St. Monica Preschool and Primary school in the larger city Jalingo; and she makes regular visits to the inmates of Jalingo prison.

Under her direction, the New Seed schools now serve 280 students, accepting children from any religion and background, those from unstable households, orphans, and those from surrounding villages where there are no schools.


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