St Kiziko Clinic Team runs periodical Free Cervical Cancer Screening.

St. Kizito Clinic has, for the past 9 years, validated the Low Cost method of “See & Treat”, visual inspection (VIA/VILI) and treatment of Pre-Cancerous lesion with Cryotherapy in her two facilities.

The Low-cost method of VIA/VILI is really cheap, and it provides same day result.

Cervical Cancer is second commonest cancer in the worl

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d. Approximately 300,000 women die of cervical cancer, and 80% in developing countries including Nigeria. About 4-6 new cases are seen every week at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. It is so common in Nigeria because of low level of awareness concerning diseases even among the health care providers and lack of effective screening programs. In Northern Nigeria is the commonest cancer in women, in the south it is the second to breast cancer.

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