We are Raji, Francis, Roly, Idris, Bridget, Mohammed, Precious.

We participated in a short photography workshop organized in June-July 2013 at school. A camera in our hands from the very first meeting, excitement and surprise, we started our photo-reporter experience.

The very first thing we did was choosing among several printed images our favourite one and explain the reason of our choice.

Each of us had a very clear mind: because of the colours, because of the subject, because of the landscape. Immediately we showed our personalities and our own innate photography skills and vocabulary.

We know much more than we think, we have our own creative and innate vision of things around us. Together, we tried to define the difference between photography, painting and movies. We started understanding that cameras work like our eyes and like our brain it can record the images we see.

From the second meeting we got the habit to share our pictures. We discussed what we liked and what could have been done better, what captured our attention, why we chose to photograph that moment and situation. And finally we started familiarizing with some techniques: focus-out-of focus, flash, over-exposure and lower-exposure.

Each of us showed a different way of seeing things around us, a different attention to details, a different feeling for each situation. And we are completing our workshop working as two groups with our own a photo-story: we are the chicken and the goat group!

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