lg home post womanNneka, 39, welcomes you with a beautiful contagious smile.

She’s working in her own hairstylist shop in Langbasa, Ajah, in the outskirt of Lagos. It’s Saturday and she’s attending two clients, a woman and a young girl. The teenager just chose her style among the many Nneka showed her and she’s patiently waiting to walk out with her new fashion style.

Nneka has 4 children, two young twin girls and two boys. Nneka story changed with the help of St Kizito Clinic, since 2010 when she first brought her kids to the clinic.

In April 2012 she became part of Avsi microcredit initiative. The loan she received allowed her to buy some of the materials she needed for the business such as wigs, weavons, braids, hair cream, combs, etc. She was also able to add some locally made accessories for lades to her business such as bids and necklace and bangles for sale.

Now her boys are enrolled in the SS Peter & Paul School and they say “We love it”, even if, as many of their pals, they have to wake up at 5am to reach their school in Lekki.

Looking at her working, with passion and extreme attention to her clients … it is a matter of beauty. Beauty of a small dream, which comes true and changes daily life, gives dignity and trust in the future, for herself and her kids.

We care. Do you?

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