Loving Gaze employes 12 Social Workers since 2005.

Their experience is an invaluable asset for all the activities we run: educational, medical and financial support. They play a key role in the development of each beneficiaries’ support plan: they meet their family, they run periodical home and school visits, they meet their community leaders and they verify the financial and social environment they live in.  They coordinate the medical, educational and financial support needed by each beneficiary and they walk along with them. They encourage healthy habits, they praise successes and encourage further achievements. They recognize emotional issues, domestic conflicts, distressful relationships and try to intervene when necessary.

They organize the monthly Friendship Meetings:  the children enrolled in our  Nutrition Program meet together for their clinical check-up.  It is also the opportunity for them to enjoy a social, creative and playful time with other kids.

Our Social Workers run out-reach activities mobilizing the communities through the Community Child Forum and the Loan Association where the community members are engaged in basic health trainings, and are encouraged to take responsibility of the members wellbeing and reciprocal support.

We care. Do you?

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